Alan Chapell is a unique character – even by the quirky standards of the West Village, NYC. The product of years of traveling the world, honing his craft and moving seamlessly through musical genres, Chapell’s lush sonic pallet falls somewhere between the progressive pop rock of Bryan Ferry and the jangle rock nuance of 10,000 Maniacs.

Growing up on the mean streets of Stamford, Connecticut, Alan Chapell was something of a musical wunderkind – playing piano and trumpet before the age of six. He recorded with the legendary producer Jimmy Ienner at age 15, and more recently with Talking Head Jerry Harrison. He’s played to jam-packed houses around the world from Mumbai to Managua. It took Chapell a while to get to this point, but audiences across the U.S. are starting to take notice in a big way.

What’s perhaps most interesting about Alan is that, along with his musical success, he’s carved out a niche advising tech companies on privacy issues. When the producers of HBO’s Silicon Valley consider creating a character to lampoon your role in the tech space, you know you’ve made it. Alan’s band CHAPELL is now starting to garner the type of attention reserved for bands that on the verge of blowing up in indie rock circles. Chapell’s live show truly something to behold – a must-see the next time Chapell is in your town.

On making music in 2019 Chapell now says, “I feel like I’m discovering myself as an artist in a way I never could have earlier in my life. For too long, I bought into the notion that I couldn’t become a successful artist after age 30 – and it was liberating to recognize how foolish that was. The most invigorating thing is that I don’t feel I’ve written my best song yet.”

Stumbling Across Musical Gold At A California Open Mic

A few weeks ago, I accompanied friend who lives in the Bay area to an open mic in Mill Valley, California at a venue called Sweetwater Music Hall…. Just your typical, ordinary, for the love of god please keep the drinks flowing Monday night open mic. And then something special happened. The house lights dimmed and a six-foot tall, maniacal ball of energy appeared on the stage. The people at the table next to me whispered to us: “that guy was here […]

What the hell exactly is Chapell trying to do here: and other not so serious questions

Indie rocker Alan Chapell is a big, enigmatic ball of contradictions and juxtapositions in a nicely tailored white linen suit. Born in Stamford, Connecticut and now living in NYC’s West Village, Chapell has made music from Mumbai to Managua over the years. Showing no sign of tiring, Chapell has been writing new material at a feverish pace. He sent over a handful of songs from his soon to be released album “Love in the Summer of Trouble” and asked me what I […]

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Chapell: The Long Road to Redemption

Thanks to Kailyn Champlin at the NY Follow for an interesting perspective on the earlier portion of my musical career. Its true – opportunity IS often wasting on the very young. It’s every young musician’s dream:you’re playing trumpet in the school marching band and spending your weekends writing, singing and playing music with your friends. The biggest thing to look forward to is the local battle of the bands, and whether that girl from the other high school who you like […]