Chapell's Slipper Room show in HuffPo!

Special thanks to the Huffington Post for providing some fantastic coverage of my October 26 Slipper Room show.

The article touches on my time living in India years ago. I originally went to live in Mumbai because I was invited to join the band Kalki who had been invited to perform on Peter Gabriel’s World of Music and Dance tour. I was so busy running towards that opportunity, I didn’t realize that I was also running away from something. The music scene had changed in an around NYC through most of the 90’s. All the keys and strings and horns that I was accustomed to were replaced by loud guitars. Not that there’s anything wrong with load guitars, but it didn’t feel like there was much diversity in the music scene at that time. What’s worse – as a keyboardist, I was struggling to find work. So rather than swim against the tide, I went somewhere where my style could find acceptance. I hold my time and my memories in India very dearly. It was the time I started to let me be… me.